Volkswagen Touran Hymotion: Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle Plus Top Rate VW Replacement Parts

Automakers know that rising oil prices and tougher environmental rules will increase the public’s interest in vehicles that use less fuel with reduced tail pipe emissions.

Hybrids increase fuel efficiency by capturing the energy normally lost to friction braking and storing it in a battery for later use when driving power is again required. Unlike internal combustion engine hybrids, Volkswagen’s hydrogen fuel cell hybrid emits only water.

The VW Touran Hymotion has high-torque electric motor that draws its power from a fuel cell and is absolutely emission free. The standard version, driven by petrol and diesel engines, which are as agile as they are economical, is by far the most successful van available in Germany. In the Touran HyMotion, an 80 kW electric motor provides vehement propulsion.

The core element of this fuel cell is an extremely thin plastic film (membrane). This spatially separates the reagents, hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is broken down into positively and negatively charged particles (protons and electrons). The protons are able to pass directly through the membrane, whilst the electrons take a more indirect route via an external current circuit, driving the electric motor. On the other side of the membrane, the protons, electrons and oxygen combine to form water.

The hydrogen is transported in gaseous form at 350 bar in a special tank fitted in the Touran. A capacity of 1.9 kg hydrogen when converted corresponds to the energy contained in 7.5 litres of petrol. In combination with the electric motor’s high efficiency, this quantity of hydrogen provides the vehicle with a range of approximately 160 kilometres.

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Chevy cars like the Cavalier has a unique tuner-theme body kit, lowered suspension, wheel flares and a functional rear spoiler that gives it a distinct appearance. Bring out the true performance greatness of your Chevy by adding Parts Train’s Chevy spoiler or a wing to your car is a great way to a sportier and cooler stance. Body accessory like a Chevy spoiler can make a huge difference on the car’s over-all look. It can be universally made, customized or made for a specific type of vehicle.

Universal spoilers fit all car types but other models need a specific kind of spoiler to suit its distinct features and dimensions. Custom made wings can reflect the uniqueness and individuality of the car and the user since he can decide as to what will be the specific style, color and design he desires. Chevy Spoilers like all other car spoilers used to be the property of race and sports cars, which is commonly mounted on the rear side of the vehicle. Other makes and models have them front and back.

Make Parts Train’s Chevy spoilers an important part of your Chevy body kit and accessories. As with all other car spoilers, Chevy spoilers are meant to increase “road grip.” The vehicle’s weight is actually a good way to increase its grip or hold on the road. Increase in weight forces the tire of the vehicle onto the road’s surface but can have negative results on the handling and steering of the car. Added weight means added inertia, which needs to be overcome for facility of movement.

Chevy Spoilers (rear spoilers or rear auto wings) as in the Chevy S10 body kit function like airplane wings although it is mounted upside down. Cars with spoilers have greater advantages over others. Chevy Spoilers add up to the car’s weight and overcome the difficulty in steering and handling.

With Parts Train’s Chevy Spoilers, the car can slide easily and can stick better on the road. Aside from the generated down force, drag is also produced with the spontaneous reaction of the air to resist motion.

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Even with regular maintenance and upkeep, our motorcycles tend to get used and subjected to different elements in the environment. To keep used motorcycle parts as good as the day when we first bought them, regular washing and rinsing will do the trick.

But you should take note how you do your washing. You might scratch parts of your motorcycle.

Top Rule: Avoid scratches.

Scratches are the biggest enemy of any bike’s finish. The secret of keeping your used motorcycle parts as good as new is to avoid scratches in your motorcycle. Dirt and grime when rubbed in while washing or drying, act as sandpaper and will definitely dull the brilliance of your bike’s paint.

To avoid scratching your bike, first, you need to remember that anything that comes in contact with your motorcycle’s finish should be made of soft material. Take care that no harsh or rough surfaces will be able to connect with any part of your motorcycle. Zippers are the worst offenders.

Use only clean, freshly washed cotton cloths or towels to dry your bike after washing. When you need to put on any application to make your bike shine, again use the clean cotton cloths and towels. Rinse thoroughly the sponges or wash mitts, as well as the bucket, before and after washing your bike to remove any dirt or grime.

One of the best advice I got from a used motorcycle parts site was to separate my bike’s areas into normal and rough areas when washing. I usually consider the painted surfaces as normal areas, while the tires, engine, and inner fenders are the rough areas. I use different wash mitts and sponges for each area to keep dirt and grime away from the sensitive areas. This way, scratching would be avoided.

Use also a gentle stream of water when rinsing, rather than high water pressure that comes from the hose. The high pressure of water will cause dirt to grind further into the paint, causing scratches along with other worse problems. And remember to use generous amounts of water when rinsing. Dirt that causes scratch will easily float away with enough water used.

When washing your bike…

Use lots of water, but without the high pressure. Totally avoid using pressure washers. Instead let the water flow freely by detaching the nozzle from the hose.

Along with the generous amount of water, use detergents designed specifically for motorcycle washing. Ordinary detergent tends to remove the wax that we want to try to keep. Simply mix the detergent according to the directions and go for it. Just make sure you rinse each section soon after applying the detergent so that no soap film will develop. It is difficult to get rid of the soap film when it dries up.

After washing, rinse, rinse, and rinse some more. Rinse everywhere. Every nook and cranny should be rinsed of soap.

Lastly, wash your motorcycle without bright sunlight. Soap suds can easily dry from the heat. Ideal time of the day would be in the late afternoon or early morning when the sun is not so strong. 

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